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Planning and Development

Planning is a tool to help you achieve your personal and business objectives.
Every planning case is different, but all are of equal importance to us. Our approach is tailored to suit each situation. We are also problem solvers – in a complex world the key to success is to have an eye for the important detail whilst remaining firmly focused on the bigger picture.

Our range of services include.

Planning Applications

For help with the planning application process including: residential, commercial, rural developments, conversions, removal of Agricultural Occupancy Conditions, development in conservation areas and Listed Buildings, design and access statements, permitted development rights and obtaining a certificate of lawful use/development.

Permitted Development Rights

New legislation allows for the conversion of agricultural buildings to: residential, retail, business, storage/ distribution, and many other uses, subject to certain criteria. Through PD Rights you could also change offices to residential. We can provide initial advice and then assist with the application.

Extending Residential Property

Extending residential property by applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development (CLOPUD). By ‘extension’, we mean a new addition to the main dwelling house, either extending an elevation at ground floor level alone or above, including enlarging the roof space.


The threat of Planning Enforcement action can be very distressing. Dealing promptly and with expert knowledge of planning law and procedure is essential. Such matters can frequently be resolved through a CLEUD, Retrospective Application, enforcement appeal or skilled negotiation.

Planning Policy

Engaging with your Council in the preparation of the Local Development Framework can give you the opportunity to shape planning policy. We can advise you as to whether your land and/or buildings should be included as a development site and promote your land throughout the process.

Levy and S106 Agreements

Planning applications are often granted subject to conditions and the completion of legal agreements. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) adds a new dimension. The negotiation of these can be critical to the feasibility of the development and the final value.

Enabling Development

Enabling Development is a means of achieving a development, part of which is contrary to established planning policy. Consent for some projects will only work if added value is created by the development, particularly in relation to schemes for historic buildings and sites of archaeological importance.

Development Appraisals

Careful analysis of the national and local planning policy and the particular characteristics of the property concerned are vital in deciding what opportunities might be possible in developing a farm or estate. Matching this to the client’s aspirations requires skill and attention to detail.

Feasibility Studies

No scheme, however large or small, should commence without a full appraisal of cost, demand, risk, competition and value. Issues of tax, grant availability and finance must also be researched carefully.

Option Agreements and Land Promotion

Securing planning permission for more complicated schemes, particularly new build, can be expensive. Introducing a development partner could be the solution. Ensuring that you are adequately protected and remunerated requires very careful drafting and extensive experience.

Agricultural Occupancy Conditions

An AOC is a planning condition which ties occupancy of a house to someone who works solely or mainly or last in agriculture, forestry or associated industry. The process of removal is complex, however, it is not impossible.

Establishing Existing Uses

Where a planning application has not previously been made and where there has been a sufficient passage of time, a Local Planning Authority can issue a certificate of lawfulness to establish that the existing use of the building or land or any other operational development is lawful at the time the application is made.

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