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Batcheller Monkhouse lead the market in negotiations, portofolio management, rent reviews, arbitrations and sales. Uniquely we never act for telecom companies thus ensuring total impartiality in our work. This is critical in such a polarised and high pressure industry. By focusing solely on representing property owners we can ensure that you receive the best advice. We have acted in this capacity since the inception of the mobile telecom market in the early 1980s and are the only firm to prepare and publish annual statistics on rental and capital values which, combined with our database of over 10,000 transactions, ensures that we can adopt a robust stance in negotiations.
We act for clients throughout the United Kingdom, who range from individual property owners to national corporate and investment property owners, Local Authorities and Government departments.

New Sites

Whilst few new sites have been built in the last three years the demand for telecom services, explosion in demand for band width and anticipated launch of new services is likely to result in a reversal of this situation. Ensuring that negotiations for your site are handled robustly is essential, especially when levels of demand are comparatively low.

Network Consolidation

With the merger of Orange and T-mobile and the joint venture between Vodafone and O2 many site owners will have received letters either seeking rent reduction or threatening to terminate the lease. Any such approaches require careful consideration. With skill one can defeat such proposals.

Site Promotion

To replicate the advantages that larger portfolio owners enjoy we maintain a register of individual sites and smaller portfolios, are in constant contact with the operators and acquisition agents and can bring your site to a wider audience, thus ensuring the greatest chance of success in attracting an operator onto your land or property.

Lease Renewals

The 1990's saw a rapid growth in mobile telecoms. Sites were typically held under 20 year leases. The result of this is that we are seeing a surge in the number of these leases falling for renewal. It is important to consider any extension very carefully and give close regard to rent levels, assignment provisions and indemnity clauses.

Arbitration and Expert Witness

It is not always possible to secure a rent review or lease renewal by negotiation. Our stance however is that, where we feel the operator is resisting a reasonable rent or renewal of terms, then the owner firmly considers recourse to arbitration or expert termination. We are experienced and successful in such procedures.

Development Relocation

Telecom operators enjoy protection under the Communications Act, and potentially the Landlord and Tenant Act, therefore skill is required in agreeing terms and conditions for relocation when entering into a new site. Where there is an existing lease, expertise is required in securing vacant possession under the Acts and/or negotiating early relocation.


Formal valuations are required for numerous reasons:- assessment for Capital Gains and or Inheritance Tax, matrimonial settlements, development appraisals and finance purposes. All formal valuations comply with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors rules.

Portfolio Management

Our clients include private landowners, investment companies, national retailers, manufacturers, utility companies and statutory bodies. The key to success is to establish and then implement sound corporate strategy and procedure. This ensures that telecom income is maximised whilst the interests of the property owner are protected.

Telecom Policy

Telecom sites are subject to a raft of complex legislation coupled with the frequent debate on the question of perceived health risks. We act for clients, whether private or governmental, advising on best practice and establishing policy on the siting of telecom masts.

Telecom Rent Reviews

Many operators are consolidating their network to reduce overheads resulting in significant pressure from them to reduce rents. However with good evidence and a determined approach to negotiation, rents can still increase at review. This is particularly true for those sites leased by broadcast companies and other non-mobile telecom operators.


Telecommunications companies enjoy certain permitted development rights. Whilst operators generally take great care in selecting a location, some sites may present a threat to your own property. Here we can advise on resisting such applications and working with the operator to find a more appropriate location.


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