Across Our Corner of England we are extremely fortunate to have numerous beautiful and historic villages. Each week we shall be highlighting one of these and this week the spotlight falls on Mayfield. For more than 25 years Batcheller Monkhouse has let and sold a great number of houses and cottages in and around Mayfield.

Mayfield Village

Mayfield is a large village in north-east Sussex, 9 miles south of Tunbridge Wells. The village sign shows the figure of a young woman and children in a flower covered meadow, illustrating the Saxon origin of the village name, Maghefeld, or Maid’s Field.

The village has many beautiful and historic houses and cottages and a good selection of everyday shops, pubs and a restaurant. There is a Primary School and the very well-known St Leonards Mayfield Girls School.

Mayfield prospered at the height of the iron industry, and much of its finest architecture dates from that time. The Middle House, in the High Street is a splendid oak beamed Tudor building and is now a thriving and popular restaurant and pub.


Lucky Horseshoes
Rural areas are often associated with tales and legends and Mayfield is known for the legend of St Dunstan. Formerly a blacksmith, Dunstan was working at his forge when the devil paid him a visit, disguised as a beautiful woman, with a view to leading him astray. However, Dunstan spotted the cloven hooves beneath the dress, and grabbed the devil’s nose with his red-hot pincers! the evil intentions. Apparently, Satan returned, Dunstan again saw through the disguise and beat the Devil until he pleaded for mercy and vowed never to enter any house with a horseshoe above the door. The parish church at Mayfield is dedicated to St Dunstan.

The area around Mayfield was well known for smugglers and in 1710 the “Mayfield Gang” and their leader Gabriel Tomkins, were Owling (Wool smuggling). The gang smuggled the wool abroad and brought in brandy and silks by return.

Argos Hill Windmill
Nearby Argos Hill features an unusual post mill. It has been a feature of the area since 1834. Now restored, it was almost demolished during the First World War when it was considered too good a landmark for German Zepplins!

Mary Poppins
During the winter of 1933/1934 Pamela Lyndon Travers OBE wrote Mary Poppins at her home near Mayfield.
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