Understanding your farms carbon and GHG emissions is a vital tool to assessing your resource use efficiency. It is a great way of bench marking your emissions across the farming enterprise, allowing for informed land use management and environmental planning. As we all know, a more efficient farm is a more profitable farm.

Carbon accounting aim to quantify the amount of GHG emissions produced by an enterprise, and the amount that is sequestrated into the land. Once received, the audit will allow you to:

  • Identify where the GHG emissions are produced
  • Where they can be reduced and avoided
  • How and where carbon is sequestrated

The Farming sector amounts to around 10% of the UKs total Green House Gas Emissions, and with an increased focus on farms GHG emission, it has never been more important to understand what you produce and what you store.

A carbon audit briefly consists of a farm inspection, this is used to better understand the land type and use, for example a arable farm with produce and sequester carbon differently to a livestock farm. Once we have carried out the inspection, we use our farm carbon calculator to identify where GHG are produced, where carbon is sequestrated and what improvements you can make.

There are various on-line tools and calculators available to help your business measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions, please see these links:

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