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From the 26 July 2024, you will be able to use your land as a temporary campsite for up to 60 days per calendar year with up to 50 pitches. This is a significant increase from the previous 28 days allowed under Class B. Now that temporary campsites have their own specific legislation, there are some specific considerations and limitations to it’s use.

The first point to note is that any campsite will be required to provide on-site movable facilities which must include toilets and waste disposal facilities. You will also be required to inform the Council in advance of the temporary change of use, provide a site plan, the date that the site will be in use and the particulars of the waste disposal and toilet facilities.

If your land lies within Flood Zone 2 or 3 then a 56-day prior approval application will be required to be submitted before you can set up your temporary campsite. This should be considered in any programming and if looking to operate in the summer, will require notification in the winter period.

Furthermore, the legislation allows for the use of such campsites by campervans and motor homes as well as traditional tents. However, towed caravans are not permitted under the legislation. For campsites, this new 60-day allowance replaces the previous 28-day rule which had no requirement for any consultation with the local authority. All campsites will now either have to adhere to the tenets of class BC or secure planning permission.

It may be the case that a full change of use planning application will provide you with greater flexibility. For more information, visit Legislation.Gov.Uk.

If you would like to explore your options regarding camping/glamping, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced planning teams in Tunbridge Wells and Pulborough.

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