This morning DEFRA have announced more details on how Farming is Changing and what grants will look like in the future.

In addition, the Sustainable Farming Incentive, Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Nature Recovery have also released application windows for complementary grants, as well as the main three that open in later this year. These are:

  • Farming in Protected Landscapes. Opens in July 2021 available to farms in the AONB and National Park.
  • England Woodland Creation Offer. Open for new tree planting.
  • Farm Resilience Fund – August 2021. Free advice to farmers to help guide them through the Agricultural Transition plan.
  • Farm Investment Fund – Autumn 2021. Funding farm equipment and technology and larger scale farm improvements.

Furthermore, in 2022 the following schemes will be available in addition to the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS):

  • Animal Health and Welfare. Providing funding to help farmers produce healthier livestock.
  • Slurry Investment Scheme. Helps farmers invest in new slurry stores.
  • New Entrant Support Scheme. Helping encourage new farmers into the industry.
  • Lump Sum Exit Scheme. Assisting farmers in retirement with a lump sum payment based no the value of their BPS entitlements.
DEFRA release information on how farming is changing.

DEFRA release information on how farming is changing.

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