Environmental Services

Environmental Services brings together the expertise of our planning and land management teams to provide a complete package for landowners, farmers and developers.

In a fast-evolving commercial world, we are keen to help all our clients make the most of new emerging markets, cope with new regulations and help protect the natural environment. We encourage every landowner, farmer, grower and developer to seek the advice of an expert in Environmental Services.

Our specialists aid landowners in achieving sustainable management of their land, helping to unlock the potential through grant funding such as environmental schemes, and new opportunities through Biodiversity Net Gain and private funding to create new income routes. Furthermore, we work with land managers to assess their Natural Capital and Carbon Audit requirements, to benchmark performance and maximise new commercial opportunities for environmentally focused revenue streams.

At Batcheller Monkhouse we also work with developers to provide Environmental Impact Assessments, advice on ecology and the planning process, and are quick to embrace new opportunities to help clients in areas such as Nutrient Neutrality. The expertise and experience of our team combined with local knowledge ensures that we can deliver EIA products to developers to meet their requirements at a competitive price.

Read the Batcheller Monkhouse annual publication, Outlook which includes resourceful articles written by our experts on environmental schemes, water neutrality and  environmental protection constraints and opportunities. Click Here.


Our staff have extensive experience in key areas of environmental planning and land management including: