“Watching and reading the news can seem all doom and gloom at the moment, in a recent Telegraph newspaper article it predicted that this current CV-19 situation will have a huge detrimental effect on the rental market, headlines like ‘Tenants can’t afford rent’ ‘Properties falling into disrepair’ ‘Government support schemes not helping’ could send you running for the hills (adhering to social distancing measures of course!).

As Lettings Manager for the Battle and Tunbridge Wells offices of Batcheller Monkhouse, I do understand that some landlords will not have a mortgage to pay and therefore won’t benefit from mortgage payment holidays. Also, that not all landlords are sitting on piles of cash as the press would have you believe; some landlords rely on the rental income as their only source of income.

We believe that communication is key. We are fortunate that we have regular contact with our landlords and tenants, as well as being clients and customers of the company we get to know them as people.  This means that they feel comfortable talking to us, asking for help, advising us if they fall into difficulty. This allows us to manage the situation in advance and hopefully come to a solution that will avoid the sort of scenarios these headlines are shouting about. We appreciate that the current economic hiccup will have an impact on some of our clients and again we will deal with that in a professional and sympathetic manner. Thus ensuring that all parties are appropriately assisted, making any transition, whatever it may be, as smooth as possible.

We understand that some tenants will be self-isolating and some will be reticent to allow contractors to enter their home during these difficult times. However by employing the services of professional contractors, adhering to the social distancing advice and ensuring that services such as gas safety certification are instructed as early as possible, we see no reason why properties should fall into disrepair, or not meet Government safety standards. Read Gas Safety Covid-19 Advice

The world has not stopped, but there are going to be challenges that we are all going to be facing in the future.  However, with the right attitude, positive thoughts and professionalism, we believe we can overcome these and still be providing our specialist service to both our landlord and tenant clients.” Clare Sheffield Batcheller Monkhouse.

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