Natural Capital

Natural Capital embodies the world’s natural resources and ecosystems such as air, water, soil and living organisms, which provide essential goods and services that support human life and economic activity. Effective management is crucial to sustain these benefits.

Natural Capital is a relatively new concept in the world of agriculture and land ownership but is now a major player alongside stewardship and other subsidies.

Harnessing Natural Capital opportunities allows landowners to diversify without complicated planning. Early adopters can benefit most from these emerging markets, but professional advice is crucial. Access to private natural based markets offers long-term income whilst addressing climate change and biodiversity loss locally and regionally.

When considering taking advantage of Natural Capital schemes, it is worth bearing in mind that it may be possible to ‘stack’ units earned within different schemes on the same parcel of land, improving the overall return. This allows land owners to operate hybrid schemes including elements of Natural Capital alongside stewardship schemes.

Natural Capital can be location dependent, with schemes such as Water and Nutrient neutrality having specific catchments and authorities with require their implementation.

The Batcheller Monkhouse Environment Gateway supports clients in maximising the potential of Natural Capital.

Key Natural Capital Opportunities: