Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an environmental management approach ensuring that development activities result in a measurable increase in biodiversity. It involves assessing current biodiversity, implementing measures to minimize losses, and enhancing habitats to achieve a net positive impact on biodiversity.

UK regulations require a minimum of 10% BNG from all new development, either on-site or off. This legislation presents an opportunity for landowners to collaborate with developers to create BNG sites or establish BNG units on their land. Batcheller Monkhouse’s Environment Gateway features farms, estates, and land parcels throughout the South East primed for BNG initiatives as well as existing Habitat Banks.

BNG Units currently available across the South East. Please contact a member of the team for further details.

Biodiversity and Net Gain

I’m a Landowner

Through the Environment Gateway, we can promote your land to developers to establish a BNG site, or we can assist to in creating BNG units on your land.
BNG land can range from a quarter of an acre to 1000 acres, encompassing field corners, scrub areas, woodland, or underperforming arable and grassland. Our experts can outline your options.

  • Do you have unused scrubland?
  • Are you seeking additional income streams?
  • Do you want to diversify your revenue sources?
  • Would you like to contribute to more sustainable development?

For further details or if you are interested in joining the Environment Gateway, please contact Toby Trotman, Associate at email

I’m a Developer

Batcheller Monkhouse is the largest independent surveying firm in the South East, our dedicated teams in the planning and development sectors provide expert guidance across various property sectors.

If you’re a developer searching for on-site or off BNG units in the South East, please email Scott Smith, Associate at

Offices in BattleHaywards HeathPulborough and Tunbridge Wells.