The UK is entering a transition period away from traditional oil and gas industries towards more sustainable and clean energy sources, such as wind and solar. The UK aims to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050 as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008.

Solar development can help to reduce costs for farmers and landowners by providing an additional diversified stream of income for the farm or landholding.

In conjunction with the solar development, the land can have continued use of grazing for small livestock and, in some circumstances, the continued income from stewardship schemes.

With the Sun providing enough daily energy to power the world 10,000 times over, solar power is a globally abundant resource. There is currently 14GW of solar capacity in the UK split between large scale projects, such as solar farms, to smaller scale rooftop solar.

Luke Davies BA (Hons), Graduate Surevyor inspecting Solar Panels in Surrey

Luke Davies BA (Hons), Graduate Surveyor inspecting Solar Panels in Surrey

The creation of a solar development can be on as little as 3.5 acres. A project of this size could produce a return of £5,000 per annum which could also be increased in line with inflation. A larger scheme of 30 acres or more could see an annual return of over £40,000 per annum. Projects can also be directly fed into buildings on your holding, supplying you with off-grid energy to power your home or business.

At Batcheller Monkhouse, we benefit from experience in dealing with solar development ranging from small to large scale solar developments, as well as battery storage sites.

If your land has solar development potential, Batcheller Monkhouse are well placed to negotiate terms appropriate to the circumstances of your proposed agreement. Furthermore, our professional fees are usually paid by the solar developers, so we can often act at no expense to the landowner.

Has a solar developer approached you? Would you like to discuss the viability of a scheme? Please contact a member of our team to discuss how Batcheller Monkhouse can help you.

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