Water neutrality is a concept aimed at balancing the amount of water used with an equivalent amount of water returned to the environment through conservation, efficiency measures, and restoration projects, thereby achieving a net-zero impact on water resources.

Opportunities to benefit from water neutrality are location dependant. Within the South East, the main areas affected are Horsham District Council, Crawley Borough Council, part of Chichester District Council, parts of the South Downs National Park and West Sussex County Council.

In such areas, developers must demonstrate to planning authorities that their projects will not increase overall water demand. Farmers can participate by reducing their reliance on mains water in exchange for financial compensation. Developers may fund alternatives such as drilling boreholes or implementing rainwater harvesting schemes. This arrangement can be particularly advantageous for dairy farmers, who can significantly lower ongoing water costs by implementing advanced technology funded by a developer, enabling the developer to proceed with their own project in return. Other possible businesses that can benefit from offsetting can be greenhouse operators or farmers who irrigate.

Water neutrality can run alongside other Natural Capital schemes, stewardship and diversification projects. The Batcheller Monkhouse Environment Gateway currently has several sites with water availability in these areas. If you require water neutrality units, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.

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