Meet Rebecca Butler Marketing Batcheller Monkhouse


Rebecca Butler Marketing Batcheller Monkhouse

Lucky to have grown up in the East Sussex countryside. My roots are firmly entrenched in East Sussex. On leaving school I undertook a farm secretary course, which lead to a first job working for Guinness Breweries. At the time their large hop garden holdings still remained in Sussex and Kent. However, a strong family background in property, father, uncle and grandfather all with careers in house building, development and design drew me to estate agency.

With a desire, to see something of the world other than Sussex I spent a year working for a high-profile diplomatic family in Vienna, which was the most wonderful experience and enabled me to visit the Spanish Riding School. I returned to estate agency in 1980 and in 1987 Robert Batcheller offered me the opportunity to join Braxtons; they had just become General Accident, to assist in the opening of a new branch.

After a few months he persuaded me to take the challenge of running the Battle office, one of the firms’ flag ship offices, and under my care it became the most profitable in the south east!  In 1991 Robert with Charles Thacker formed Batcheller Thacker and invited me to join them. It is hugely rewarding to see the firm grow in to a respected and thriving business. Over the years I have made sure to keep abreast of technology and electronic advancements which enabled me to take the challenge of forming a marketing department for Batcheller Monkhouse at its merger.

I met my husband Gerry in 1978 and we have had much fun over the years renovating our four varied homes, I greatly enjoy equestrian pursuits, walking the dog, and a whole host of creative activities.

If you need help with any property or land related issues please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.