The primary method of securing planning permission requires the submission of a Planning Application to the Local Planning Authority. The level of work required to prepare an application varies dependent upon the complexity of the development or scheme being applied for. The full impacts of a development must be considered thoroughly and in many cases this requires technical demonstration that the scheme will not present any harmful or unacceptable impacts. Marshalling the raft of information that is required to support a planning application can be a complex process and can require input from a number of different parties.

Planning ApplicationsOnce an application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority it is sent out for consultation and local residents and stakeholders will have an opportunity to comment and make representations. The Local Planning Authority will consider the representations and the planning application material in the round and assess how the proposal performs against relevant planning policies. The application will then either be approved or refused planning permission. Local Planning Authorities are required to make a decision within 8 weeks of validation for minor applications and 13 weeks for major applications unless and extension of time is agreed. If the Local Planning Authority decides to refuse a planning application the applicant has the right to appeal. For more information on appeals please see the Planning Appeals section of our website.