With so much of the South East subject to designations such as Green Belt, National Park or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty it is hard to imagine how any development takes place at all. However, consent for projects can be achieved with good knowledge of the designation’s purpose.
“There are often ways of working with the designation to show how a proposed development can make a positive contribution to the area”, says Clare Bartlett of Batcheller Monkhouse’s Pulborough office. She explains that the first step to a successful development application is to have a clear understanding of the purpose of the designation, and to work with that to emphasise the benefits of the proposed changes.
For instance, where a National Park is involved, one of its purposes is to provide a natural environment for the public to enjoy. “Respecting the natural beauty is the starting point in your application”, advises Clare, “so anyone developing in a National Park will be looking at attracting people in, whilst maintaining design sensitivity.”
The National Park Authority will always be cautious about development proposals. But it is also aware that part of its remit is to conserve the culture of the area, which means that people need to be able to live and work there. Read More.

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