Not all property matters can be agreed by negotiation. When this occurs you need to appoint the right expert to represent you, be this at a tribunal, court hearing or, increasingly at a mediation.

At Batcheller Monkhouse we have an incredibly strong team of experts covering a wide range of issues from Landlord and Tenant disputes to Development Valuations, Restrictive Covenants and Matrimonial Valuations. All our experts are members of the appropriate professional body and trained in the legal requirements of an Expert Witness or Joint Expert. A full list of the areas covered is set out Expert Witness Leaflet here.

“An Expert Witness is a crucial resource without which we (the judges) could not do our job”. Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

If you are looking for an expert with a great deal of knowledge and the necessary experience both to give the right advice and to persuade the Arbitrator, Inspector, Court and Jury to accept their opinion, please feel free to contact our excellent team on the right-hand side.

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