With many land and property owners looking to subsidise their income, rural diversification is the perfect opportunity to expand or develop an existing portfolio into new territory.

In recent years, numerous land and property owners have struggled with the financial limits and uncertainty that come with traditional revenue streams. Unless the projected return on investment is sufficiently robust, it may be time to consider alternatives that better suit your farm. Batcheller Monkhouse has seen a sharp rise in the number of people diversifying their portfolio to generate more income, and provide longevity for the family businesses.

Farmers must stay ahead of the game and seize opportunities whenever they arise. In the South East there is significant potential in a variety of enterprises thanks to our location, climate and access to markets. Batcheller Monkhouse has previously assisted clients from the initial concept and feasibility stages through to final delivery on various projects not just including those listed below:

Advise can be given on a variety of aspects such as income and expenditure potential, suggested infrastructure, traffic and people management and recommended contractors. Our Rural Professional team is also able to advise on the impact of diversification on any existing government grants or schemes. If you are looking to maximise your farm income returns, please feel free to contact our Rural Professional team on the right-hand side to discuss how we can assist with your project.

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