Sporting Rights are a valuable and commonly underutilized asset. Batcheller Monkhouse work with landowners across the South East to maximise the productivity of their sporting assets, whilst also being mindful of environmental factors and natural resource management.

The Batcheller Monkhouse Rural Professional team have a wealth of experience and work with and alongside landowners, tenants and estate managers on all aspects of sporting asset management. Whether it is;

Compliance, Agreements and Reviews

Having the correct agreement in place is important. Whether it is a lease or a licence, it is imperative that it is implemented and managed correctly in order to prevent any unwanted issues. Whilst the creation of agreements is vital, we also carry out a review of existing sporting agreements and provide clients with advice on their next steps.

Deer Management Plans and Impact Assessment

The South of England has one of the highest deer densities in the UK, this leads to extensive damage to woodland and agricultural land. We work with stakeholders to create deer management plans and impact assessment, we also have a network of deer managers who we can rely on to implement these plans.

Environmental Schemes and Subsidies

As the landscape of subsidies change and new environmental schemes are implemented, sporting objectives will need to work alongside and with environmental objectives. We can provide advice on Countryside Stewardship Scheme agreements, to betting integrate sporting activities without compromising environmental objectives.

For further advice, please contact our Rural Professional team on the right-hand side to discuss how we can help you.

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