The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order (GDPO) allows for some development to be carried out without the need for express planning consent.

Batcheller Monkhouse can provide initial advice on whether the legislation in the GPDO would apply to your development project. Our expert planning team can then assist in securing the necessary authorisation under the legislation. The aspects that regularly benefit our clients include:

Agricultural Permitted Development

Farm and forestry businesses benefit from a range of specialist permitted development rights which allow for the erection and/or extension of farm buildings, farm tracks and other forms of development without the need for express planning consent. In some circumstances barns can also be converted into other uses such as residential or commercial units.

Householder Permitted Development

Residential properties benefit from a range of permitted development rights allowing for extensions and alterations to dwellings and the erection of outbuildings and boundary treatments without the need for planning consent. The legislation can be complex with certain properties such as detached dwellings benefiting more than other properties such as flats, listed buildings or properties in the conservation area. It is therefore always worth seeking professional advice before commencing work to ensure your development complies with the legislation.

Changes of Use

The majority of buildings can change to a range of alternative uses without the need for planning permission, creating greater flexibility for property owners. This was extended further with the creation of an you use class, classy, which has grouped a number of commercial uses such as offices and retail into a single use class.

Temporary Uses of Land

The general permitted development order allows for land to be used for certain temporary uses such as camping or film sets for a certain number of days per year before a formal change of use is required. This allows for seasonal pop up businesses such as wedding venues or car boot sales to operate without planning permission. This legislation only applies to land, not properties.

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