If you have a telecoms operator in occupation of your land or buildings and you wish to obtain vacant possession, you will find the number of avenues to explore is small and the process lengthy.

Often possession is required to facilitate the redevelopment or refurbishment of the underlying land or buildings. Batcheller Monkhouse can advise on the implementation of any ‘lift & shift’ clauses within your agreement, explore the possibility of a surrender and renewal of the tenancy, or negotiate the termination of the agreement and the complete removal of the equipment. Supported by a solid track record of successfully negotiating the removal of many operators from development sites, our team can instigate a strategy with your solicitors to end the agreement and remove the apparatus within a defined and appropriate timescale.

Working alongside your solicitors, Batcheller Monkhouse can provide practical advice on the process for relocation and removal. We are often asked to explore options, which we are able to do once we have reviewed the provisions of the tenancy agreement, considered the prevailing legislation and discussed with you your intentions for the property and any adjoining land that you may control.

With few neighbouring properties willingly providing alternative sites for the operator to relocate to, taking back possession of your land can be a tortuous process. However, our telecoms team have a robust understanding of the process and trusted connections within the industry, making Batcheller Monkhouse excellently placed to negotiate a settlement that from past experience has led to a more positive and certain outcome than relying on litigation alone.

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