Having telecoms infrastructure installed on your property can be a challenge. Batcheller Monkhouse act for landowners who own multiple sites across a region or even the country. Effective property portfolio management is crucial to help protect an organisations’ core activity and our experts help manage the relationship between an organisation and the telecoms operators.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are licensed by OFCOM and as such, benefit from certain Statutory rights afforded by the new Code. These rights and the additional rights being afforded to the Operators under the discretionary powers of the Court, are often at odds with the operational or reputational requirements of the landowner. Batcheller Monkhouse see this often in the context of advising Police Forces, Fire Brigades and Water Companies determined to protect their respective core businesses or roles. We often hear large charities and local authorities expressing concern around reputation damage following operator application to the Courts to have agreements imposed, rather than the operator’s fully engaging with a public consultation or following previously established protocols on a consensual basis.

Navigating around the new Code requires specialist knowledge, particularly when it comes to affecting a property portfolio. Batcheller Monkhouse has gained invaluable experience in managing a diverse range of different portfolios across both the public and private sectors.

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