Armed with a robust database of well over 12,000 transactions, Batcheller Monkhouse undertake many market rent reviews of telecoms sites where the rent was perhaps previously low or undervalued.

Our telecoms team have a great deal of experience in conducting telecoms rent reviews on behalf of our clients which we seek to conclude in a timely and efficient manner. Having read the agreements and understood the provisions for the review of rent at a particular site, we can conduct all manner of telecoms rent review, the majority of which are either market value or index-linked reviews.

With a bespoke service and an experienced team with a keen eye for detail, our clients can feel confident that their rent is being reviewed to a high standard and we will try to ensure operators continue to pay the appropriate rent as is specified by the agreement.

The arrival of the new Code at the end of 2017 has created a dual market with new rents being assessed in accordance with the new Code and other rents being reviewed under old Code subsisting agreements at much higher levels. With our database holding a vast array of pre-code and post-code evidence, our team can utilise this to ensure the correct level of market rent is attained.

Please feel free to contact our experienced telecoms team on the right-hand side to discuss how we can help you.

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