With the Government supporting the telecom operator’s plans to connect more premises to fibre rather than copper, pressure is building to get wayleaves in place to enable the operators to install the apparatus that they require.

Batcheller Monkhouse are not only advising many landowners on individual wayleave agreements but also on bulk wayleave agreements that can handle many applications over a District or Borough.

If you have been approached by operators seeking wayleave agreements to lay copper or fibre you may be surprised what rights these organisations might have. A wayleave is a code agreement which permits licenced operators (currently over 100) rights to install, inspect, alter, replace, upgrade and repair apparatus on, over or under your land. The new Code applies equally to a fibre provider as the mobile network operators (MNO) or broadcasters.

Our wealth of experience with wayleaves in both greenfield and commercial settings allows us to negotiate the most favourable terms for the agreement tailored to our clients’ needs and within the jurisdiction of the new Code. We are conversant in the application of case law surrounding the new Code as well as recent judgements from the Upper Tribunal, to your agreement-; this will ensure we can achieve deals which maximise your protection. Our teams extensive knowledge and experience reassures clients that they will suffer the minimum disturbance to their property and receive fair compensation, whilst enabling operators to pursue their goals of increasing network connectivity throughout the UK.

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