Batcheller Monkhouse have produced this guide to explain the process of securing a tenancy. We would like to thank you for choosing Batcheller Monkhouse to assist you in finding a new home. It is important that you read this guide carefully, so your move-in is not delayed.

Tenancy Application/References

All persons over the age of eighteen will need to complete a Reference Form and will be named on the Tenancy Agreement. We will take up references through an independent credit reference agency called Homelet, references from your employer, or accountant if you are self-employed, and previous Landlords. In addition, a credit check will be carried out.

Homelet will contact us to advise of the conclusion of your references. Upon receipt of satisfactory references we will then contact you to confirm your move in date and arrange a check-in time.

Batcheller Monkhouse will provide you with the ‘How to Rent Guide’ which will give you guidance on becoming a tenant.

You will need to pay us a holding deposit equivalent to one weeks rent for the property you are interested in. Once we have your holding deposit, current legislation stipulates that the necessary paperwork should be completed within 15 days or such longer period as might be agreed.

If at any time you decide not to proceed with the Tenancy, then your holding deposit will be retained by our firm. By the same token, if during that period you unreasonably delay in responding to any reasonable request made by our firm, and if it turns out that you have provided us with false or misleading information as part of your tenancy application or if you fail any checks that your Landlord is required to undertake under the Immigration Act 2014, then again your holding deposit will not be returned. It will be retained by our firm.

Tenancy Agreement

A Tenancy Agreement will be sent to you setting out the Landlord and Tenant obligations.

You will not be asked to pay any fees or charges in connection with your application for a tenancy. However, if your application is successful, under our standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement you will be required to pay certain fees for any breach of that tenancy agreement in line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019. In consideration of us processing your tenant application, you agree to pay those fees to us on request.

Inventory and Schedule of Condition

An Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property, its contents, furniture, fittings and effects will have been prepared. This will be checked and agreed with you at the commencement of your tenancy.

It is important you agree the Inventory and Schedule of Condition at the outset of the tenancy as it will form the basis of any claim for damages, by your Landlord, at the end of the tenancy.

At the end of the tenancy the Inventory and Schedule of Condition will be checked again at the checkout. We strongly recommend you are present at both the check-in and check-out.

The Tenant shall indemnify the Landlord for any loss arising from the failure of the Tenant to keep to a mutually agreed appointment to complete the check out procedures at the termination of sooner ending of the tenancy which shall include indemnifying the Landlord any costs in arranging a second check out appointment. If neither the Tenant nor his agent shall keep the second appointment, any assessment made by the Landlord or the Landlords Agent shall be final and binding on the Tenant.

Rental Payments

All rent is payable in advance by Standing Order. Please note that all standing order payments should be made 3 days prior to your rent date to allow for clearance.

Should you experience any financial difficulties during the course of the tenancy, it is essential that you contact Batcheller Monkhouse as soon as possible. The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord interest at the rate of 3% per annum above the Bank of England base rate from time to time on any rent payable under the tenancy agreement remaining unpaid for more than 14 days after the day on which it became due.

Property Visits

All properties managed by Batcheller Monkhouse will be subject to regular property visits. The purpose is to check the condition of the property and the way in which the tenancy is being conducted. An appointment will be made in advance with the tenant and the visits will be undertaken three times a year.


In accordance with the Terms of the Tenancy Agreement, the payment of the Council Tax, Gas, Electricity, Oil, Water Rates, Telephone and TV (unless specifically stated otherwise by the landlord/s) become your responsibility at the start of the tenancy. It will be necessary to inform the respective authorities that you are taking occupation.

Where a check-in and check-out is conducted gas and electric meter readings will be taken. The television license is the responsibility of the tenant regardless of whether or not a television is provided by the landlord.

Contents Insurance

The Landlord/s is responsible for the insurance of the building. You are strongly advised to take out insurance with a reputable insurer for your possessions as such possession will not be covered by any insurance effected by the Landlord.