Batcheller Monkhouse are proud to be raising awareness of The Queen’s Green Canopy. This initiative of planting over a million trees across the nation between October 2021 and March 2023 is a living legacy in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s name.

Help grow the East Sussex Queen’s Green Canopy.

There are lots of good reasons to plant trees on farms, and many of you will have planted trees and hedges at one time or another. East Sussex landowners and tree lovers are being urged to get busy planting this autumn and winter, to create a living legacy in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s memory. Plantings from a single tree to a new woodland can be easily dedicated to the initiative if they went into the ground since October 2021.

The Duchess of Cornwall with Kevin Loveland planting a tree at St Wilfrid’s Hospice in Eastbourne November 2021.

The Duchess of Cornwall with Kevin Loveland planting a tree at St. Wilfrid’s Hospice in Eastbourne, November 2021.

The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) was launched as a Platinum Jubilee year initiative. However, at the request of The King, this has been extended until the end of next March to allow people to pay their respects by planting trees.

If you would like to take part just follow the steps of planning, planting and caring for your trees and upload your planting to the national map. It’s straightforward to add a photo of your trees to the digital record of trees planted in the late Queen’s name across the country, upload here.

After the summer’s drought, a wetter autumn and winter should create the ground conditions to give people the chance to help make the UK greener with an abundance of new trees. This initiative was said to be the one closest to the late Queen’s heart in her Platinum Jubilee Year.

‘The extension of the QGC initiative will build on this legacy and serve as a lasting tribute to Her Majesty’s extraordinary service to her country and her people,’ said The Marquess of Abergavenny who Chairs the East Sussex QGC Working Group.

‘The interactive Queen’s Green Canopy map is showcasing the planting across the country, giving people an opportunity to be part of a special legacy.

Planting trees in the right places is valuable to help reduce climate change. We all need to do what we can reduce our carbon footprints and trees offer a perfect way to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.’

Laughton Greenwood Jubilee planting of two oaks June 2022. Photo by Heather Ball.

Laughton Greenwood Jubilee planting of two oaks June 2022. Photo by Heather Ball.

Across the UK, more than one million trees were planted in the planting period up to the end of March. This included over 15,000 trees at 124 sites in East Sussex.

Lord Abergavenny urged people to find room for a tree or trees. ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy page of the Action in Rural Sussex website gives more information, as well as opportunities and links’ he said.

The organisers are now hoping for new momentum to drive the project on to even greater success.

‘We now need to plant in the autumn and winter, as soon as the ground is suitable, to add to the many sites we have already achieved,’ said Lord Abergavenny. ‘Any species of healthy tree counts as long as it is nurtured and preserved for the future. Please get planting, upload a photo to the digital map and let the East Sussex team know.’

For information on the QGC in East Sussex click here. Further information on the national project here.

Press Release by Mark Whittaker, 19 October 2022.