Landowners, walker Footpath warning of cattle s, horse riders, cyclists and local authorities need to work together to ensure a carefully planned and properly maintained network of public rights of way is available.

“If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that this country needs a properly maintained, sensible network of public rights of way that serves local communities and provides good access to green spaces in the right places,” explained Partner Leo Hickish.
“People want routes that connect with open spaces as well as with other towns and villages. In reality paths often go nowhere and are in many cases poorly maintained, partly because local authorities are having to spend much of their rights of way budgets on legal fees and admin costs.”
The problem, Leo explained, is that county councils already strapped for cash are having to spend time and money dealing with claims from those keen to see historic paths reinstated. The deadline for such claims expires on 1 January 2026.
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